Fear Is the Mind Killer

Fear is The Mind Killer

I am not fond of abstractions. I prefer the tangible. Unfortunately, at this moment, we are all being assaulted by a hail storm of lethal abstractions. The impact of the Coronavirus on our lives is everywhere and nowhere. Everywhere, in that it’s impacting our health, our income, our routines and so much more. But it is also nowhere in that the virus is invisible and our ability to combat it seems so futile. Fear is the mind killer and with so much abstract threat, it’s no wonder we’re finding it hard to pay attention.

Our physiology did not evolve to deal well with abstract threats. The animal brain and body that our neocortex sits on top of was designed to deal with immediate tangible threats. You know, like a saber tooth tiger. Our threat response system would activate a very limited menu of actions. These include, Flee, Fight or Freeze and you would either: die (no more worries) or live and the stress response would subside and you’d feel ok again.

The Coronavirus and its pandemic proportions is an evil genius level challenge for our threat response system. It’s simultaneously a mortal danger (like Ace of Spades level threat) while completely intangible. How do you flee, fight or freeze your ass away from a microscopic organism that not only could kill you but is paralyzing society.

So, have you been wondering why you are feeling more stressed than ever, pendulating between crying and screaming running or fighting? Or perhaps you just want to curl up into a ball and hide. That’s because the animal inside you is terrified and none of its threat responses are effective against our current enemy.

But What About My Rational Brain?

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You may also notice that the one thing you have that is actually exquisitely designed to navigate this threat, your rational brain, ain’t firing on all cylinders. That is why fear is the mind killer. Because when we are hijacked by danger, our primitive survival systems activate and they short circuit our executive brain functions.

In order to reclaim your all important neocortex, it is essential to learn how to channel and regulate the currently useless threat response software of your primitive nervous system. Then and only then will you be able to feel calm. You’ll be able to think clearly and get through this f*cking f*ck face of a threat called the Coronavirus.

These techniques are better explained live than in print and I will be demonstrating or explaining them for FREE on Instagram Live @kardenrabin over the next few weeks. I highly encourage you to join me, and if you can’t join me, watch the replays in my stories.


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