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To Assume Makes an Ass Out of You and Me

To assume makes an ass out of you and me

People have all sorts of assumptions about managing their stress. Although the most common assumption is that people think stress can be relieved by one single technique.

Some think it’s learning a breathing technique. Others think yoga is the answer. And some think it’s all about time management, or a vacation, etc, etc. But remember, to assume makes an ass out of u and me.

The problem with these assumptions is that effectively managing stress and the impact it’s having on your life cannot be solved by any one technique.

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It requires a dynamic and integrated collection of strategies and practices that are tailored to the specific circumstances of your past and your lifestyle. Therefore what works for Susie may not work for Wendy or Bobby. And although meditation is great, you’re going to need more to manage the stress in your life.

When I work with clients it starts with a human-centered, conscious, and comprehensive conversation. We talk about what’s been going on for them; past and present, inside and outside, personal and professional, and more. It’s by learning about the person and their life that one can suggest a stress management path that will make a sustainable difference. Here at Stress School we seek to personalize our program, not fit everyone into the same mold.

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