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The 3 Paths of Stress School

The 3 Paths of Stress School

If you are feeling stressed, worn-out, and nearing breakdown. You have come to the right place. Stress school seeks to help its students find healthy ways of reducing stress and practicing self-care.

The 3 Paths of Stress School are Destress, Restore, and Evolve:

Destress: It may seem obvious, but we need to systematically assess the stressors in our lives. Eliminating them is one of the easiest and most effective strategies for stress management. You have to patch the leaks in the ship if you expect it to float, otherwise, you’ll be bailing water forever.

Restore: In addition to removing stressors, it’s essential to actually do that trendy thing called “self-care.” Our organism was designed to spend most of its time nourishing itself, not running around like a fucking crazy person

Evolve: Evolving our inner space is equally if not more important than remodeling our outer space. True transformation requires evolving from the inside out. Stress School teaches ancient and state of the art neurological and somatic techniques to empower students. These give them radical self-awareness and Jedi powers of presence and control.

So if you are struggling with stress and don’t know where to get started, I suggest you join us. My blog has plenty of exercises to help you relieve stress and tension. However, if you prefer video, I suggest you check out my Youtube channel. Have a look and feel yourself relax as you remove stressors, one by one.