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The “Ideal” Rage Cycle

The "Ideal" Rage Cycle

The Ideal Rage Cycle is a new approach to our repressed and defective relationship to rage.

We are a society that completely misunderstands and demonizes anger. Therefore we have no capacity to healthily express it. Consequently our collective and personal psychological and biological health suffers dramatically.

Rage is an vital human emotion that defends us. In particular, it protects our boundaries from being violated and keeps us safe. To completely express rage we require some form of kinetic action. Now, this can be as aggressive as fighting and screaming or as subtle as writing in a journal or painting.

Most anger therapies fail because they stop in the middle of the cycle – the expression. That’s not the purpose of rage. The purpose of rage is to regain safety and boundaries.

Getting all fucking fired up has little therapeutic value if we don’t make it back to safety.

For some ideas on the kinetic expression of rage check out Move or Die.

So go ahead, let it out… But more importantly, bring your attention back to yourself. Soothe yourself with something that makes you feel safe. When we complete the ideal rage cycle, we release anger to find empowerment and protection.

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