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We Cope by Becoming Capable and Accomplished Adults in the World

We cope by becoming capable and accomplished adults in the world

We cope by becoming accomplished adults in the world. We also heal by embracing and loving the wounded child inside us.

Most of the people I work with are capable and accomplished folks that are stressed the fuck out. They are suffering from a variety of health problems, and are often nearing burnout.

Their issues are difficult for them to understand because they have been historically successful. Their bodies (even if sometimes causing trouble) would support them enough to fulfill their responsibilities and accomplish their goals.

Then, at some point, that stops being the case. Usually, the body fails first,  with some kind of severe pain, internal syndrome-like IBS and migraines, or something autoimmune-ish.

Consequently people turn to conventional medicine first because it’s usually all they know and there is “obviously” something wrong with their body that needs to be “fixed”. Subsequently, when conventional efforts fail, they then find practitioners like me.

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Accomplished adults in the world

Good News and Bad News: There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Body

It is both a bummer and hopeful to inform that person if they are able to listen, that there isn’t something “wrong” with their body. However, there is something deeply wounded in the core of their whole being and that their body is experiencing and presenting the consequences of that long-hidden wound(s).

The scientific language for this is that the consequences of poor childhood attachment and/or trauma and/or chronic stress are dysregulating their psycho-neuroendocrine-immune system. Put simply, until you address the core wounds at their appropriate physiological level, you’ll just be chasing symptoms.

Healing of our core wounds

Those core wounds most often exist chronologically and neurologically at the level of our childhood. The way our child’s brain and body coped with the wound(s) is what lays the pattern for future presentation. And no matter what happened in the past, or the symptoms in the present, part of the healing of our core wound(s) is embracing and loving that our wounded inner child.

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