Where Has All the Free Time Gone?

Where has all the free time gone?

Where has all the free time gone? It’s been gobbled up, of course. How did it get gobbled up? Well, when our culture, collective psychology, and economics say that your worth is based on your productivity. We are now trying to produce more and more, day in, day out.

Concurrently, the laws of physics don’t all of the sudden manufacture more time to meet this arbitrary and capricious human concept of worth and productivity. It would be great if we had 30 hour days. Then we could fit in everything on our to do list, get 8 hours of sleep, and have free time left over. Unfortunately that’s not how the world works.

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So instead, we eliminate almost everything from our lives that is not in one way or another related to productivity (or distraction, but that’s a totally separate topic) and there goes the free time to sit and watch the flowers.

For most of us, the pursuit of so-called free time, or the “one day when I have the time,” is our modern-day quixotic quest.

It stresses us the fuck out. And it burns the prime years of our life and the best of our energy “producing” instead of living. So next time you’re feeling the need for some time to just be, prioritize it.

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