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Is a Foam Roller Really That Good?

People often ask “Is a foam roller really that good?”. And inevitably “That was amazing…” or some variation is the most common response I hear when someone takes my Self Neuromuscular Therapy classes. The best part is, it’s something students still say (as do I) hundreds of classes later.

Once upon a time, I was under the belief that the effectiveness of the technique was from working on the muscular or the fascial system. Now, it is true that we are interacting with those tissues and having an important affect on them, but it is not really where the magic happens.

The magic happens because we are working on your nervous system through the medium of touch and by extension, we are touching your brain and changing your consciousness. Whatcha talkin’ bout Willis?

Your skin and brain arise from the same embryonic germ layer called the ectoderm. In fact, the “skin” of the embryo is what gives rise to the neural tube which evolves into your entire nervous system and brain. As @deanejuhan says, one can rightly think of our skin as the outermost surface of our brains ?

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That’s why SNMT is such an important aspect of Stress School. So to answer the question, “is a foam roller really that good?”, it’s one of the easiest and most profound ways of bringing a stressed-out nervous system and brain back into balance. Ahhhhhh What could be better??

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