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Software Before Hardware

Software before hardware

Despite all the research that has been done, mysteries revealed and knowledge discovered about our mind and body, most of us are still relating to it in a very primitive way.

For example, when you have a tight neck, you probably think, I should stretch it. Translated into caveman that sounds like “Ooo! muscle short, I yank on it!” I call this thinking in terms of ourselves as hardware instead of as software.

Software thinking would translate as “I’m noticing tension in my neck muscles, why is my nervous system creating a tension state in those muscles and how can I get it to take a different action.” Learning to think and make changes at the level of our organism’s software takes training in both where to direct your attention and how to practically make those changes happen but it starts with being open to the fact that you are so much more than bones and muscles.
You are mind, and nervous system, and energy.

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Next time something in your body tweaks or your mind isn’t right, say to your self “software before hardware” and consider what might be going on below the surface.

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