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You Are Not a Typewriter…

You are not a typewriter! 

Contemporary pain approaches are stuck in the stone age. This could be a soapbox bemoaning the state of my industry but I want to make it about humans instead.

Most people are stuck in a paradigm. They think that if they are in pain, that there is some sort of structural injury, misalignment or “physical” cause. The thinking is that if you fix or repair whatever “thing” is wrong, you’ll be better.

Countless surgical interventions, medications, physical therapies, elaborate therapeutic technologies and exercise fads have ensued from this thinking.

And you know what? The chronic pain problem in America is getting worse not better… why is this? ?

Why Is Chronic Pain On the Rise

The reason is that the bio-mechanical model that both professionals and patients are stuck in a biomechanics model and categorically ignores that there is a brain, nervous system and suite of software conducting the entirety of the bio-mechanical flesh robot.

If a typewriter is malfunctioning, the only solutions are mechanical because thats all it is, a mechanism. On the other hand, if a computer printer is malfunctioning, the last thing you check is the mechanism. You always check the cables (nervous system) and software settings (brain) first to fix it. You are more like a printer (though more complex) than you are a typewriter. Therefore the first place we should be looking when it comes to chronic pain and disease is the brain and nervous system, not the muscles and joints.

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