It’s Like Riding a Bike…

Do you remember not being able to ride a bike? Probably not. In fact, most of us completely take for granted that we can balance on a bike, without thinking about it.

But once upon a time every single one of us without exception had no idea what balance was. We “understood” how riding a bike worked and we could see other people doing it. Not to mention we could read books about it or watch videos… However, all that “knowing” didn’t do jack squat to help us ride a bike.

In fact, all of us fell off our bikes time after time after time as we yearned to “discover” that mysterious sweet spot of balance that no amount of study could give us. Then, after hours and hours of failures, scrapes, bruises, tantrums and hopelessness… In an instant, out of nowhere, we all experienced the nearly divine thrill of discovering balance! 

Becoming a Stress Whisperer is very similar to the journey of discovery that is riding a bike. You can read all the books on stress management, you can “understand” the concepts and even “know” how to do some of the practices, but ultimately all that knowledge does very little to improve your life.



The thing we need to discover is like a riding a bike. We learn it in an instant of profound experience, and it’s what Stress School calls Total Awareness™. Total Awareness™ is our particular form of embodied self awareness that gives you a visceral connection to the sensations, emotions and drivers of your stress response. More importantly, just like balance, when you discover and activate your Total Awareness ™, you gain tangible influence over the previously uncontrollable stress triggers of your mind and body (i.e you can steer the f*cking bike).

What Can Stress School Do for You?

People always ask me ‘What will Stress School do for me’. I do my best to explain it in as many ways as I can, but like discovering balance on a bike, it’s something that needs to be experienced to truly understand. The good news is that it’s not complicated like rocket science or difficult like ballet. All it takes is the same three things that you needed to discover balance. 

  1. Dogged determination
  2. Practice 
  3. A teacher to guide and support you

If you are interested in finally taking control of your stress and your health, in discovering your Total Awareness™  and becoming a Stress Whisperer, click this link to schedule a free 30 minutes discovery call to see if Stress School is right for you. ? ?‍♀️ ?


Remember, you can go to check out my Youtube channel. It’s full of strategies to help you manage and get rid of stress. Or find out more by reading my blog.