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This Is Just the Way I Am.

My least favorite statement is “This is just the way I am”.

The resignation and righteousness of the statement kill any possibility of growth and self-development. It’s a cop-out every time it’s uttered. Not to mention a red flag that someone (consciousness or unconsciously) is coming near their deepest vulnerabilities and fears.

It is true that the life you’ve had up until now is the life that made you who you are and at first glance, it can seem “fixed.” However it also stands to reason that a life of intention and skillful action will shape who you will be tomorrow. In that sense, ‘This is the way I am’, is true only to right now. Humans are constantly changing, and even old habits can newer, better ones.

The science of neuroplasticity provides the factual backbone that we truly can transform ourselves. Due to neuroplasticity, the neurons that make up our minds are not fixed like stone but are malleable like a spider’s web.

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By harnessing the same phenomenon that wired our brain in the past, we can rewire our brain in the present. Therefore. The hybrid of desire, awareness, somatics, memory, and imagination gives us the tools to repair and reprogram neural networks in our brain that no longer serve us and replace them with neural networks that kick ass.

At its heart, that is what Stress School is all about.

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