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Understanding Your Body Is The Best Medicine

You're a human being made of flesh and blood.

I’m stressed out and super tight, I should inflict some pain on myself to feel better,” said no one ever. So why the hell are so many people seeking out painful therapy tools and therapies to make them feel better? Understanding your body is key to selecting the most effective stress therapies. As many people lack a basic understanding of what their body is trying to tell them, they desperately turn to painful therapies as opposed to treating stress at the root of the problem.

The premise of the Self Neuromuscular Therapy taught at Stress School is that we are interacting with a human being’s nervous system. Now, what that nervous system wants is to feel safe, and to feel safe, it needs to be soothed. Then, when it’s soothed and feels safe, it releases. So how can you help soothe your nervous system?

Using soft foam rollers and other non-evil tools with attention and skill bring release like you’ve never experienced. On the whole, I can’t recommend it enough. We need to take care of both our bodies and our brains to find relaxation and relieve stress. We must comfort ourselves when we are stressed, not subject ourselves to torture.

To learn more about how to safely use foam rollers, click here.

If the only thing that can make you feel better for a brief period of time is a pain-inflicting intervention, you are missing the real cause of the problem. Our bodies communicate with us and we must learn how to listen. You need a second opinion and an understanding of your body (or to join Stress School 😉