You Can’t Overestimate the Unimportance of Practically Everything – John Maxwell

You can't over estimate the unimportance of practically everything - John Maxwell -

You can’t over estimate the unimportance of practically everything… It has been said that human beings are meaning-making machines. One of our favorite forms of meaning is to add significance to the things going on in our lives. But letting go of meaning that we abitrarily place on our lives can bring us a sense of freedom.

Our identity really digs adding significance to things because this adds mass and importance to itself. Of course we all know it is a big fan of seeming important and indispensable.

Unfortunately, the consequence of one’s identity being attached to significance is that we actually believe our own bullshit. Therefore we think the world will fall apart around us if we are not holding it up.

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That creates a huge mental and physical burden that chronically stresses us out and drives our mind and body into disease and pain. We are not Atlas, holding up the world around us. And if you think you are the ONLY person in the world that can do a job or task, think again.

It’s helpful to take seriously that you are a ghost driving a meat covered skeleton made of stardust living on a rock flying through space. Chill out a little bit, OK?

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