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Your Body Is Always Doing What It’s Doing For a Reason

Your Body is Always Doing What It's Doing For a Reason

The body is always doing what it’s doing for a reason and it’s our job to figure out what that reason is. The manifestation of stress in our body by way of pain can let us know when we aren’t feeling great psychologically.

Your body is not stupid. It’s not tightening muscles, experiencing pain or creating symptoms like IBS for shits and giggles. Moreover, it’s usually not because of some absurd reason like a “hip imbalance,” “impinged nerve,” or CIBO. It’s doing it because your brain is under some kind of distress and it’s attempting (albeit poorly) to protect you… What?

In almost all circumstances (there are some exceptions), the brain is 100% responsible for what’s going on in the body. Furthermore, how it is directing the body is always based on the logic of avoiding danger and seeking safety. Please read that sentence again. It is fundamental. Understanding that and taking action to heal your brain-body based on it, will change your life.

Treating Stress Symptoms

When I work with a client, I am always asking myself, “how do these symptoms represent an attempt by this person’s brain and nervous system to protect them?” “What is it trying to protect it from?” “When did this protection start?” “What protective pattern is it a part of?” And most importantly,  “is this protection still necessary?”

After I have completed this inquiry with the client and illuminated the pattern and its origins, I use neurological, physiological, and somatic techniques to aid the client’s brain-body to realize that the protective strategy causing the symptom in the body can stop. That they are safe, that there are better strategies of protection that don’t involve a low back spasm or IBS.

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Put simply, by reminding the brain and body that it is safe and not in danger, it can cease the “mindless” habit that’s perpetuating the symptoms. Often that means taking a brain and nervous system stuck in the stress and trauma of the past into the safety and comfort of the present.

The next time you engage with the symptoms of your body I encourage you to consider that they are actually the expression of distress in your nervous system (that you are disassociated from / i.e not conscious of). Imagine being a loving companion to a friend when they are in distress (listening, not fixing).  What would be possible if you leaned into your symptoms with compassion, curiosity, and active listening?

Let me know how it goes ? and please share this if you think it will make a difference with someone.

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